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Hévíz trust only itself

Several Balaton Uplands settlements did not want to be included in the World Heritage List. Therefore, Hévíz starts alone in the competition. It might take long years to reach this goal.
Hévíz would like to be admitted to the World Heritage List again. The topic came up more than a decade ago, but so far only in words. Hévíz has already had such submission, but then it was related to other locations. Now, however, the Board made the decision to start indipendently in the competition – said Gábor Papp, the Mayor of Hévíz. After long consinderation they found that the thermal lake could apply for the title successfully. However, they need a scientific material  in which they can demonstrat that Lake Hévíz unique in the world. The research might take years. 
From our country already 8 highly important sites have been added to the World Heritage List. For me it is not a question that Lake Hévíz must also appear on this home list. We know that winning the title is a huge responsibility, which involves significant tasks since it is not easy to maintain this title. It is not primarily a question of money, but hard work. Receiving the World Heritage title is a couple of years’ process – said the Mayor.
The Minister will decide on the tentative list of sites. That is initiated into the World Heritage List of nominations. The last Hungarian notation was in 2002 – said Katalin Wollák, the Senior Fellow of the Forster Centre.
1 million nights on 10,000 bed
Budapest, Hévíz, Hajdúszoboszló – the three settlements at the top of the list of the most popular towns. The 2013’s order behind the capital is still open. We see so far 3,5% growth in November, which means that if we add to it the turnover of the private accomodations, then in 2013 there were 1,1 million guest nights in Hévíz. The number of the domestic tourists increased by 1,8 %, and for foreigners by 7,6%. In Hévíz there are 10,000 guest beds, approximately half of which is private accomodation - informed us Orsolya Horváth, the excutive director of Héviz Tourism-a Local Non-profit Plc.
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