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The 22nd Award-Giving Gala of Tourism

The "TOP 50", the newest publication about the fifty most influential people of Hungarian Tourism-among whom Gábor Papp,The Mayor of Héviz is also listed-was issued by " TurizmusKft." (Tourism Ltd.) and introduced at the 22nd Award Giving Gala and Year Opening Reception.
The centre theme of the whole Gala was tailored around this special issue,the Top 50,in which the top 50 biggest experts of National Tourism are introduced who were with the greatest influence to the Touristic Industry in 2013.
As Tourism has ever been dealt as a major sector of the Hungarian Economy-independent of the government in power are significantly depended on not only politicians but the leaders of national and international corporations and diplomats and even the everyday characters of the inland service industry.
The 50-titled list was compiled on the basis of comparison of several given and constant parameters and the issue is not just for touristic experts but those with curiosity for get to know who are those names are contributed to that nearly 1,500 billion Ft sum of returns comes from the country' tourism.
As a proof of  the issue's objectivity it also lists those who were with negative influence upon or endangered the development or the positive shapening of  returns of Hungary's Tourism.
Héviz,next to Budapest,is the second most popular inland destination of interest with her more than 1,080000 guestnights,thanks to the recent local developments and the finished or last year-started touristic investments,and last but not least,to the equally important"resuscitation" of  Héviz-Balaton Airport with the creation of qualitative receptional conditions,she was a huge success in expert cirles.
Mr. Gábor Papp has been leading the nearly 5,000 inhabitants of the town,as the Mayor of Héviz for four years,and being a fourth-generational member to his family,living and working  in Héviz,he is an obliged local patriot acting and doing for the common good not only as the leader of the town but a private individual,as well.
After his appointment to the Mayor post,one of his most important goals was the boosting of the up to then ever stagnating Guest Trade. And so,for the sake of this he would go out and started conversations with the main characters of the local tourism for acquasition of foreign markets and took considerable steps for the establishment of an integrated town image. 
Thanks to the realization of  development projects taken up by him,last year alone,Héviz was able to win a more than 1 Billion sum from the Tenders. Amongst the future tasks of the town, the accomplishment of building a plea-sure bath and a cultural and sports centres are also enlisted.
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