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Wizz Air may start flights from Sármellék to London

Further developing the Hévíz-Balaton Airport, which is owned by the Hévíz Municipality. After the low-cost flights provided by Air Baltic, Wizz Air seems to appear at Sármellék, too. In 2013 the passenger traffic had increased by 25,000 instead of the previous year’s figure of 14,000.

In the last 1-2 years a significant number of Russian guests have found their ways to Hévíz, so they have also generated a significant increase in traffic at the airport. Besides this, many German charter flights are turned at the airport in Sármellék. In the future an expansion of new flying destinations are expected to Poland, Switzerland, and Norwegian, too. After several years of stopping of operation, the first low-cost flights from Balaton Airport to Riga were launched in 2013 by the courtesy of Air Baltic, which’s frequency will be condensed.
However, the most important news affecting the future is the probability of taking-off of the first regular flights to London from Sármellék in 2014. The negotations with Wizz Air are at an advanced stage. In the case of success Wizz Air will have a new destination in the country side. What is more, by this act they would be better positioned against Ryanair, in spite of the fact that Ryanair previously had used this destination spot for their service flights to London-Luton Airport.
Hévíz has ambitious plans connected to the airport in Sármellék. With an expected 15-20% increase of traffic in 2014. They would renew the infrastructure of the airport with the help of money coming from the EU tenders, too.
In 2014 a charter flight to Basel will surely be started, and to Moscow scheduled flights will be flying.
We look forward to Wizz Air flights, which after Budapest and Debrecen, will finally start their regular low-cost flights from the now largest Airport of West Hungary to Western Europe.


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